concerts and tickets

high on style

OCT. 14, OCT. 16


high on style, low in pitch. hear it, you’ll be trippin’…friend. take a seat and grab a snacc. we’ll bring the tunes; you just relacc.

thoroughly twisted

NOV. 4, NOV. 6


this ain’t a freak show in the traditional sense, but baroque musicians aren’t afraid to get freaky and become contortionists for a symphony or two.

a twisted christmas

DEC. 2


twisted pearl presents a selection of christmas-themed pieces from the baroque that will delight and inspire during the holiday season.

get down to this, monsieur

FEB. 10, FEB. 12


did you know that french people like to dance? this is what they would’ve got down to in the 18th century. if you dance a bit too, we won’t blame you.

the cello: a below average instrument

MAR. 10, MAR. 12


it’s not what it sounds like. or maybe it is. regardless, cellist zoë douthit has the vibes to make a below average instrument a weapon of beauty.

happy music from england



this one is just what it sounds like. and we’re told that concision is ok sometimes, even in a season of baroque music.

three’s a crowd, four’s a trio

JUN 2, JUN 3


baroque musicians weren’t great at math, so they insisted that music for four people be called a “trio.” stay in school, kids, or you might major in music.

sing, and the hills will answer

JUN. 23, JUN. 25


singing is probably the first musical outlet humans discovered, followed closely by whacking things. maybe we’ll do a bit of both for you.

carbonated sound

JUL. 21


if the violin is guava juice, the viola is skim milk, the cello is gatorade, and the bass is coffee, then the harpsichord is champagne mmm. pop open a bottle tonight. we insist.